Gaming as Learning

Hi! I’m Jennifer Carter, an MA Student in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy at GSU. I’m working with the DALN as technology-pedagogy consultant. I’m fascinated with the pedagogical values of both analog and digital games, so I was excited to see all the narratives tagged with the term “gaming” on the DALN. While many of the narratives offer different insights into the ways games have played a role in learning to read, I found these two stories to be particularly interesting. Hope you enjoy them!

In his narrative, Patrick Schlecht explains how playing video games when he was younger enhanced his reading to the point that he began to replicate proper grammar through the context of the games he played.

Additionally, Bader Algubaisi discusses how playing online video games gave him an opportunity to talk to native English speakers, which allowed him the chance to learn terminology and pop culture references that he wouldn’t have been able to learn otherwise.

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Photo credit: włodi