Upcoming: Student Projects that Incorporate the DALN!

Be on the look-out over the next few days for posts featuring the work of Andrew Harrell, Amanda deJonge, Grecia Catalan, and Ashley Berry, who are some of Ben McCorkle’s students from his spring ENGL 4569 course: Digital Media and English Studies!

For their final projects, these students curated exhibits that required them to collect a topically related grouping of submissions, analyze them, and incorporate secondary sources dealing with literacy studies. The students chose topics that they are interested in or share a personal connection with and created Prezis that illustrate their findings and support their arguments. Not only did this assignment give Dr. McCorkle’s students an entry point into the DALN, but it also positions students as scholars doing authentic work by studying the archive and working with primary sources.

These projects demonstrate the variety of topics/affinity groups represented in the DALN and model a new form of scholarly publication (beyond the print article or the print-centric webtext) that requires an expanded skill set that adds design, video/image/sound editing, and other multimodal composing considerations to the more traditional ones such as research and analysis. The students accomplished this by transcribing audio/video texts, clipping/editing videos to include in their Prezis, incorporating primary and secondary sources to support their arguments, and laying out their texts on top of an image that visually represents their topics (to name a few processes).

Through their exhibits, these students greatly contribute new ways to considering and approaching both the DALN and literacy by illustrating the importance of learning to read and to write music and its relationship with traditional literacy, exploring the effect of literacy through and impressions left behind by the Harry Potter book series, considering how different languages impact our understanding of literacy, and offering a pedagogical approach to teaching literacy through music lyrics, respectively.

As I post their final projects to the blog over the next few days, please take the time to engage with and to appreciate all of their hard work. They (both the students and their exhibits) are extremely outstanding! I hope you will enjoy their insight into literacy as much as I did.