“Music and its Importance” by Andrew Harrell

My chosen topic for this presentation was music.  I chose this topic because I have been involved in music since I was in elementary school and I remember how similar learning to read music felt like learning to read books.  I wanted to explore that similarity further, and this project gave me an opportunity to do so.  One thing that surprised me was how every story I saw was so similar to the other stories, and my own experiences, in how people learned to read music.  I thought going in that there would be more differences depending on where and how people learned music, but that did not seem to be the case.  Music is a very important aspect in our lives, despite what some people say, and I hope that this presentation will be able to show the positive effects that learning music has on people, and how it needs to be a focus in schools starting at a young age.

Please enjoy a recording of Andrew’s Prezi below. You may have to watch in fullscreen and pause the video during slides in order to read all of the text. To access any links, or to take the navigation into your own hands, view the Prezi here!