“The Amazing Literate World of Harry Potter” by Amanda deJonge

Across the globe, an individual that does not recognize the name Harry Potter is seldom. The Potterhead fandom is a worldwide phenomenon that knits together persons of all different backgrounds – each unique in their own way. The story of Harry Potter speaks in ways that touch everyone differently, but bring them all together nonetheless. J.K. Rowling’s influential series not only sparks but strengthens relationships, and Potterheads are able to develop competent soft skills, such as empathy and acceptance as they experience different points of view throughout the Harry Potter community. This exhibit tests the boundaries of the effect of literacy in the form of this series on its readers and demonstrates the lasting impressions left behind by the amazing wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Please enjoy a recording of Amanda’s Prezi below. You may have to watch in fullscreen and pause the video during slides in order to read all of the text. To access any links, or to take the navigation into your own hands, view the Prezi here!