“Around the World with Narratives” by Grecia Catalan

My topic was English as a second language. It is a topic that I am very familiar. My first language is Spanish, and learning English is a journey that I still enjoy. I chose this topic after a reading and a discussion in class; we talk about illiterate. This simple word entered my mind, and made me rethink the way I always understood its meaning. Many questions came to my mind. I could think about many examples in which we all are illiterate. The most powerful example was how in a different language we are illiterate. I did not feel the definition given by the dictionary cover its entire meaning. In my project I tried to find a decent meaning, or a meaning that could make sense to me when we talk about illiterate people. In the DALN I found narratives that helped me explained how other people view this term without thinking about it specifically.

Please enjoy a recording of Grecia’s Prezi below. You may have to watch in fullscreen and pause the video during slides in order to read all of the text. To access any links, or to take the navigation into your own hands, view the Prezi here!