“Literacy: For the Record” by Ashley Berry

I chose to create a curated exhibit assignment on the subject of lyrical literacy. For my project, I explored the DALN for music related submissions and found that lyrics have had a heavy influence on many individuals experience in learning to read and write. There were five DALN submissions that I found particularly interesting and used specific examples from these narratives throughout my presentation. I have learned that studying and interpreting lyrics is an activity that young people enjoy doing voluntarily in their free time, outside of the class room. My question is- why not use lyrical interpretation as a method for teaching literacy in school? If lyrics were used more in the classroom, I believe that students would not only feel better informed on educational subjects but they would also be more interested and perhaps even passionate about studying topics in reading and writing.

Please enjoy a recording of Ashley’s Prezi below. You may have to watch in fullscreen and pause the video during slides in order to read all of the text. To access any links, or to take the navigation into your own hands, view the Prezi here!