Exciting News Revealed: President Jimmy Carter’s Narrative!

The exciting news is here! Former President Jimmy Carter recently shared his literacy narrative with GSU’s own Paige Arrington. Please read her post below where she shares her own experience and insight collecting his story and don’t forget to check out his literary narrative here. Well done Paige!

Jimmy CarterPhoto courtesy of Mercer University

“I’m afraid I don’t have a very good story.”

By PD Arrington

When I sat down to compose a letter to former President Jimmy Carter requesting a contribution to the DALN, I thought about most initial reactions I get from folks when asking for their literacy narratives.

First people wonder what that is.

“It’s a story about how you came to learn to read and write.”

Then they think back and start talking, rambling really, putting to words memories seeming to them so small they aren’t worth telling; as if the small and intimate of our lives didn’t somehow contribute to a larger understanding of humanity. As if it wasn’t wonderful to see ourselves in each other—how things might have been (had we been born in 1924, for instance)—in the segment of an orange.

“I’m afraid I don’t have a very good story.” This is how Jimmy Carter begins. It’s a humble beginning to a truly beautiful narrative. I hope it serves to inspire all of us, who feel our stories are too small to be meaningful, to let go and put our “small” stories about how we learned to read and write “out there” by contributing them to the DALN.