From Language to Film and Back Again

As with all forms of media, films and movies have their own special language and way of communicating. Conversations happen visually and verbally, both in and out of the movies. In both their narratives, Jenica Roberts-Stanley and Benedict Owen explore these complexities when discussing moments in their lives when they gained literacy in film.

Roberts-Stanley’s story begins with her majoring in Theatre during undergrad and learning how compressed the language of film is. By understanding how to read the frames of a film, she learned the importance of stopping and paying attention, a technique that she passed on to her own students.

Owen’s film literacy began when at the age of eleven when he would read film reviews while in the bathroom. His fascination of the liberties that this genre took when criticizing movies inspired him to start renting movies when he moved to America.These moments in his life gave him the understanding of literacy as multimodal.


photo credit: Marta Wlusek