Dancing as Storytelling and Expression

For those who study dance professionally, dancing is a form of literacy that requires dedication, training, and practice. The authors in the stories highlighted below share some of their experiences with dancing. Check them out and enjoy!

One of the narratives is told through an interview by a dance teacher in England who wishes to remain anonymous. The author says that her “biggest literacy is being able to ‘read’ the body,” and would agree that the learning to dance is similar to learning a new language. Drawing most of  her “choreographic ideas from literature,” she generally finds “a quote that resonates with [her] and has the potential to be developed into a choreographic idea.” One examples of hers includes a “dance piece called ‘Prehistoric Animal’ based on [a] quote by Winston Churchill.” She also believes that “A dancer is forever a student as the shape of the art form is forever changing.” Check out the link above to get the full interview!

In her narrative, Diajesma Orozco discusses her experience learning to dance. While she has been dancing all of her life, she began training professionally when she was thirteen. For her, dancing is a form of expression that has helped her to open up, socially and emotionally, and to gain confidence in many different areas in her life. Additionally, dancing has helped her to remember things, has increased her “speed of learning,” and has even helped her improve her grades.

photo credit: Curtis Cronn