Revisualizing Literacy through Comics

The following two narratives focus on comic books’ roles as an introduction to or a component of literacy. Click on the respective links to check out the narratives in their full form. Enjoy!

Logan Hampton didn’t like to read until he reached college and his father challenged him to read what he liked. He began reading the comics in the newspapers, and, after a while, began questioning the content throughout the rest of the pages. Decades later, he still likes to read newspapers, only he’s not as interested in the the comics as he once was. For him, reading comics was his introduction into enjoying reading.

In addition to understanding literacy as the ability to read and write proficiently, Caroline Dunham believes that creativity has a place in literacy. Like books, she believes that comics convey information but with a visual component. She also thinks that comics could be used as a useful tool in the classroom to help students understand more difficult classic literature.

photo credit: Graham Reznick