Communicating with Painting

In her literacy narrative, Val discusses how she started a painting business and how she used her background in Education and Special Education to teach her students how to paint. In one particular class, she taught those who were “either economically disadvantaged, physically impaired, or mentally impaired.” One of these students was a “mentally impaired deaf mute” man with “no [formal/traditional] communication skills,” not even American Sign Language. This student worked as an upholster and relied on the help of several people to handle traditional communication so that he could get clients and manage his money. In order to teach this student how to paint, Val had to teach by example, and her student would duplicate what she did.

To hear more about this student (and to check out the amazing work that he has done) and other stories about the amazing work that Val has done with her painting class, check out the full version of her story. Enjoy!


photo credit: Josh Morgan