Reading as a Familiar Activity

The following narrative highlights are from our newest collection of stories coming out of Manchester High School in Akron, Ohio by way of our contributing partner, Erin Spear. Click this link to access all of the stories from this collection and to read what these students have to say about their literacy journeys!

In his literacy narrative, “Obsessed,” Xavier Kanis reflects on how his interest in sharks contributed, in part, to his love for reading. Particularly, he enjoyed reading “pop-up” books about sharks and even carried around an informative book his aunt had given him that detailed the “different species of sharks and random/intriguing facts about them.” Kanis explains how actively his family reads, with each family member having their own preferred genre or medium such as magazines, newspapers, and ebooks. With reading as a familiar and shared hobby, it is likely that Kanis’s own interest in reading has been influenced by watching his family participate daily in the activity.

Jessica Cobb, in her literacy narrative “The Importance of Literature,” shares the many ways that her mother has influenced and encouraged her to appreciate and find passion in reading, writing, and learning. Cobb begins her narrative by describing her and her mother’s nightly reading routine, which, over time, progressed over time as her reading became more developed. Picking out “a new book from the library ” became a weekly treat, one that would become a game where she would see how quickly she could finish the book. Cobb’s love for reading eventually led to a love of writing, one that she plans to build on through a future career in journalism.

Be sure to click on the respective links to read these authors’ stories in full and to check out more stories from the students of Manchester High! Enjoy!!


Photo credit: Svenn Sivertssen