Teaching Resources

Sample Narratives
Written Literacy Narrative (4th Grade)
Written Literacy Narrative (First-Year College)

Letters to Parents
Sample Letter #1
Sample Letter #2

Assignment Ideas
Assignment Ideas (to be modified by teachers for age appropriateness)
Berea College Literacy Narrative Assignment (via Dr. Libby Falk Jones)
Literacy Detectives at Home (assignment, Middle School)
“What’s Your Reading History: Reflecting on the Self as Reader,” The Learning Network (New York Times)

Literacy Narrative Analysis Sequence (college level) (contributed by Suzanne Blum Malley, Columbia College)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Workshops in a Box
Family Day
Children’s Literacy Narrative Workshop

Ohio Language Arts Program Models
Power of Language // Self, Nation, World
Power of Language // Self and Community

Reading #1: “Literacy Narratives” (Fleischer)
Reading #2: “Literacy Narratives: Working with Parents” (King)
Reading #3: “Literacy Narratives, Knowing Students” (Walsh)
Reading #4: “Heroes, Rebels, and Victims: Student Identities in Literacy Narratives” (Williams)